Member Support
WebSite Administrator for Unisite Web-hosting users. (Security Environment)
  • Site Info ~ disk quota, website particulars.
  • Access Log control ~ monthly access log analysis, pack log file.
  • Restricted Access ~ Deny/Allow Member login to website with dedicated password
  • CGI Center ~ Hit Counter, Guest Book, E-mail Form
  • Site Maintenance ~ Telnet/FTP Access on the web, Change account password
  • E-mail Account Maintenance ~ Forwarding, Aliasing, Create Account, E-mail quota
  • Billing Info ~ online monthly invoice and receipt.
  • Useful Documentation ~ Unisite Server configuration and Language documentation

Server Configuration
Change account password SSH
POP3, Telnet, FTP Login name, E-mail address

Unix Section
Basic Commands Linux Admin User Guide

Contacting Support
If you have questions were not found on the above support area,
please contact Us by E-mail the following addresses:

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