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SSH Secure Shell
SSH Secure Shell is the de facto standard for remote logins, with an estimated three million users in 80 countries. It solves the most important security problem on the Internet: hackers stealing passwords. Typical applications include remote system administration, file transfers, and access to corporate resources over the Internet.

SSH security goes beyond the basic secure login. For local applications using TCP/IP ports, SSH can reroute data to an encrypted data channel between a local machine and an SSH server. The server then "forwards" the data to other servers. SMTP, POP and IMAP are examples of traffic that can be secured using port forwarding.

To using SSH technology to access your server. There are some software will help you to do:

-SecureCRT software combines the secure login and data transfer capabilities of Secure Shell™ (SSH) with the reliability, usability and configurability of a proven Windows terminal emulator.

- SSH Secure Shell 2.2 The SSH Secure Shell 2.2 for Workstations Windows features a fully integrated secure file transfer user interface, advanced terminal emulation, handy "New Window" feature, public key authentication, and a lot more.

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