Member Support ~ Basic Commands
UNIX Commands
This collection of UNIX commands should assist you in doing normal maintenance to your website.

Directory Commands
These commands let you manipulate directories.

ls - Lists all the files in a directory. Using the switch -al will list all of the permissions on a file and the last date modified. For more information on file permission, go to the File Permissions section. 
cd - Change directory. For example:
cd html will take you to the html directory. 
cd .. - will take you one directory down. 
cd $home - will take you to your home directory no matter where you are. 
mkdir - Create a directory, for example:
mkdir directory_name
pwd - Print the working directory name to the screen (i.e., tell you where you are). 

File Commands
These commands help you work with files.

chmod ### - Changes the permissions of a file, for example:
chmod 755 counter.cgi will change the permissions on counter.cgi to be executable.
cp - Copy files, for example: cp source_file target_file
mv - Move files, for example: mv source target_location 
rm - Remove or delete files, for example: rm abc.txt - delete abc.txt
rm -rf * - remove all files and directories from current path. 

Network Commands
Various commands used for network reasons

traceroute - This command displays the route in which the network sends packets. It can be helpful in determining which points on the internet represents a slow down. For example: traceroute This will display the number of hops between you and the host you choose. 

nslookup - Nslookup gives you the ip of a domain, for example: nslookup 

ping - Ping sends out a packet to a server and gets a response. This can be used to measure response times of a server or website. Using the switch -s returns a ping time, it doesn't just tell you the machine is up. 

whois - Whois contacts the Internic database with a domain name and returns any matching criteria. This is how you can check for open domain names. For example: whois

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