Multimedia Broadcasting Linux Server
1060Mbps link to the Internet
Unlimited E-mail account
IP address allocation

System administration (root privilege) via the Internet
20GB storage space see the Server spec.
Dedicated Switched (100Mbps) Ethernet Connection
Web-based Administration
High performance Server
Pre-configured with RedHat Linux 9.0,
Apache Web Server, Mail Server,
Database Server, Webmin, etc.
Streaming Server software:
Real Server G2
Icecast MP3 Server
Nullsoft SHOUTcast streaming Server
Quicktime Streaming Server

HK$2800 Setup
(waive setup fee for pre-pay 3 months)
HK$1680 per month*
*one year service contract must be signed


Existing Internet Bandwidth
Our dedicated line connected to Hong Kong Internet Backbone (HKIX).

HKIX ~ 230Mbps ATM
UUNET ~ 30Mbps
NETPLUS ~ 30Mbps

Dedicated Streaming Linux Server ~ Last Updated 1 April,2003
CPU Intel Pentium 4 - 1.8Ghz
Memory 512MB DDR333
HD 20GB UATA/100
OS Redhat Linux 9.0
Apache Web Server
E-Mail Server
Frontpage 2002 Server Extension
Real Audio/Video Server G2
Icecast MP3 Streaming Server
Nullsoft SHOUT Streaming Server
Quicktime Streaming Server
PostgreSQL Database Server


Entertainment & Broadcast

Our Streaming Linux Server offer powerful management and streaming tools for broadcasters of both audio and visual content. Media producers, radio stations, content generators, ISPs/hosts, news services, and many others are using Multi-media streaming software solutions to reach their target audiences.

  • Use Server to receive and stream the audio content on any of its live audio/video feeds.
  • Stream the content to your website, where an unlimited number of listeners can receive the content.

Education & Distance Learning

Universities and trade schools can train and educate students at a low cost while allowing them to communicate better and more frequently within the organization via intranets or the Internet.

  • Use Server to broadcast the class content to Internet or intranet pages.
  • Students may use Real Player to record content for future playback, as well as using the player's collaborative features for online chat, rapid file transfer, group web browsing, image posting and more.

Sales & Marketing

Companies can employ video on demand files as well as live feeds to promote products and services, and illustrate a product's features. Customers can access streamed content to view their next vacation or walk through a virtual open-house.

  • Use Server to receive and broadcast content to the internet, where customers can view goods or services prior to purchase.

6A, Hang Seng Tsuen Wan Building, 289 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2409-8602    Fax: (852) 2408-8632    Email: