Anyemail Linux Server
1060Mbps link to the Internet
Unlimited E-mail account
Single IP, multi-hosting capabilities
IP address allocation

System administration (root privilege) via the Internet
20GB storage space see the Server spec.
Dedicated Switched (100Mbps) Ethernet Connection
Web-based Administration
High performance Server
Daily E-mail Backup
Pre-configured with RedHat Linux 9.0,
Apache Web Server, Mail Server,
Database Server, Webmin, etc.
Anyemail Server software:
Anyemail Server 2.0:
POP3/SMTP Support
Spell Check
Full Web-Administration
Check any POP3 E-mail Account
Multi-language Support
Free E-mail Hosting
Traditional/Simplified Chinese Converter

HK$2800 Setup
(waive setup fee for pre-pay 3 months)
HK$1680 per month*
*one year service contract must be signed


Existing Internet Bandwidth
Our dedicated line connected to Hong Kong Internet Backbone (HKIX).

HKIX ~ 230Mbps ATM
UUNET ~ 30Mbps
NETPLUS ~ 30Mbps

Dedicated  Linux Server ~ Last Updated 1 April, 2003
CPU Intel Pentium 4 - 1.8Ghz
Memory 512MB DDR333
HD 20GB UATA/100
OS Redhat Linux 9.0
Apache Web Server/w PHP4
Frontpage 2002 Server Extension
Anyemail Server 2.0
Database Server (Mysql or PostgreSQL)


Web-Based E-mail Solutions

Now you can have an email system that allows users to check their email from any web browser! offers the web-mail system supporting on Linux, RedHat, and Windows NT/2000 systems.

Features like spell check, message postpone, and multiple POP support make Aneyamil popular with users. Features such as full Web-based support and advanced customization capabilities make Anyemail popular with administrators. The webmail engine supports the latest POP3 and SMTP protocols and it compatible to check any POP3 E-mail account over the Internet. Anyemail also handles all your MIME attachments, HTML e-mail, and is extremely scalable; the webmail engine was engineered to be modular and robust, with several built-in scalability and configuration options to meet the needs of the most demanding of sites. Capable of handling around 50,000 users per server this web-based email can easily fill your enterprise's e-mail client needs. Seamless connections to external SMTP/POP servers add a further tier to your e-mail architecture.
  • Single IP, multi-homing capabilities
  • Blind aliasing
  • Unlimited E-mail/Alias/Domain E-mail Account
  • Anti-spamming controls
  • Remote Administration
  • Multiple Domain Support
  • Pop-account Quotas
  • Check any POP3 Account over the Internet

Please visit official Anyemail Web-site for the demonstration.

Sales & Marketing

Anyemail also offer a single package for sales please ask for more details.

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